Baosoft company was formed in early 2002 by Mr Hoang
  Bao Duong and a group of young members who are
  professional in computer software engineer, multilingual
  research, business and accounting. They all graduated from
  RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institution of Technology) AUS.
  BAOSoft is standing for Business, And Office Software.
  Baosoft is a well known computer software company.
  We are professional in developing multilingual, business,
  accounting and office software.  If you wish to have a
  software that you like for your company or your private 
  used. Please check our  product listing or contact us by 
  click at the contact link. We will satisfy your requirements.

  Baosoft aims to produce and support high quality business
  and office software at highly competitive prices, and in turn
  improve the efficiency and profitability of our clients.
Copyright © Baosoft 2002
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Global Keyboard

is one of the most
powerful multilingual
software in the world. 
It is an enhancement 
to most windows
applications that allows
text entry and a visual
keyboard display in
more than 128
different languages or
character sets. It is
very easy to use and
t supports all existing
Unicode fonts and some
non-Unicode fonts and 
character sets.
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Insert Symbols

allows to insert
characters or  symbols
directly to most windows applications
and it also supports
Unicode fonts.
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Font Installer

allows you to install
True Type Font files
(*.TTF) to your PC. 
It supports all windows
version as well as windows NT.
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VNHighlight & See Dictionary

is a very fast and
easy to use 
English- Vietnamese
and Vietnamese-English
dictionary software.
You can highlight any
word directly from most
windows applications
and see the meaning of
that word.
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VNWeb Convert

is a very powerful
software that allows
you to convert
Vietnamese fonts or
character sets for your
website or Web page.
It supports all  existing
Vietnamese Unicode 
fonts and most non- Vietnamese Unicode fonts & character sets.

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VNHighlight &View

this is a very
useful tools for
Vietnamese users to
read Vietnamese
email or Vietnamese
Web page using VIQR,
or non-unicode
format. This software
will automatically
convert VIQR, or
non-unicode format to
Vietnamese Unicode

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VNHighlight & Convert Font

This software allows
you to convert 
Vietnamese fonts or
character sets directly
from most windows
applications such as
MS-Office, Netscape

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